What is the CSIA?

“For more than thirty years, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has worked to prevent chimney fires, dryer fires, and other home heating disasters by advancing public awareness and providing expert-led education and training to industry professionals.” This is a direct quote from the CSIA’s website.

Chimney sweeping companies often choose to be certified by the CSIA. The certification they offer is called a “Certified Chimney Sweep”, and is assigned to an individual rather than the company. Before you hire a chimney sweep, it’s a good idea to check on his or her certifications. Certifications come with rules that require a certain amount of continuing education units or a renewal by taking a test.

The CSIA is not the only certifying organization, but it is a good start. We look at it as our company’s minimum qualification to work on chimneys.

Chimney sweeps in our state (California) don’t have to be licensed or certified to operate. However, in order to charge $500 or more the company needs to hold a contractors license. In order to know what they’re talking about, a chimney sweep needs to have a certification or two. It’s important to know what the professional organizations are for an industry so that you, as the consumer, can be as well informed as possible.

Emily Martinez