What Service do I need?

chimney sweep technician.jpg

Has it been a long time?

Has it been a long time since you’ve had anyone look at your chimney and you’ve been using it? or perhaps you just moved into your home? In either case, we suggest starting with a chimney sweep. Each of our chimney sweeping services includes a Level I inspection and a report to go with it. If, when your technician has a look at your chimney, he sees that it doesn’t need to be swept, he will still do the inspection and provide you a report.

Also, your Dryer Vent should be cleaned Annually!

I need a repair.

Is there something obviously broken in your chimney? We usually can help you with it. Sometimes it helps to send pictures to let us know what we’re working with. When taking pictures, if possible, try to add a ruler or tape Measurer in order to get a reference. In general, however, we will need to schedule a Level I inspection. This is a good starting point for any of our repair services.

I never use my chimney

If you can’t remember the last time you used your chimney and you don’t intend to use your chimney any time soon, you might not need us. However, even a little bit of residual creosote in your chimney’s flue can be corrosive. It is especially a problem if water can get into your flue. It is very common for mortar joints between flue tiles to decay. Also, chimney caps can be come dislodged in heavy weather events. Essentially, Chimneys are in a constant state of decay. The longer you wait to have someone check on your chimney, the more expensive your visits can become. The chimney safety Institute of America recommends getting a chimney inspection once a year.

Oh! And don’t forget your Dryer vent! Make sure you clean that Annually!