Why we have the best customers!

excellent customers

As is the case most years, I get a little sentimental around this time of year. Perhaps it’s the family time, or maybe it’s the Christmas carols, or perhaps it’s the fact that I have my R2-D2 lights cheerfully hanging above my computer, but whatever the reason, I find myself particularly grateful for our customers this year.

I’m not talking about the business that our customers give us (although I’m certainly grateful for that) I’m talking about the human beings that we serve. I speak to so many wonderful people each day that it fills my heart with gladness.

When I mess up the schedule, which happens only on occasion, and I have to explain my error, I get kindness and a willingness to help me. When I’ve explained to customers that their technician is about to be a dad and might not be able to keep the appointment, I get nothing but good wishes. When I get regular customers calling to schedule their annual appointment, I hear a kind and friendly voice on the other end of the line.

I’m not sure how we got so lucky, but I want each of our customers to know that you are excellent humans and both Cole and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you!

Thank you all!

Emily Martinez