10 Reasons to Call a Chimney Sweep When You Live Where it's Hot

It's hot, it almost never rains, and you've only used your chimney once or twice.  Why would you need to have a reliable chimney sweep?  If this sounds like you, you're not alone.  We speak to many, many, many people like you each day.  Here are a few reasons to call a certified chimney sweep that you might not have thought of:


10.  You used your chimney...even one time.

This might be a silly thing to write, but chimneys aren't like most other appliances.  Chimneys have a lot of things going on.  Especially if you have a wood burning chimney, the byproduct of fire (called creosote) sticks to the inside of your flue (that's the pipe that connects your fireplace to the outside).   Depending on how you burn, your fires can produce more or less creosote.  Creosote is a tricky substance because it can be corrosive, especially when mixed with water.  If you use gas, you still want a certified chimney sweep to inspect your chimney each year.  Gas leaks, shifted pipes, and water leaks are things that can be easily fixed if caught when they're small but super expensive to fix if they deteriorate.  So, even if you only burn once or twice a season, you still want a chimney sweep to check out your chimney for any damage that the pesky creosote might have caused.

9.  Your chimney is leaky.

If you're seeing moisture inside your fireplace or anywhere around the chimney many times a chimney sweep can help you fix it.  Sometimes cracks in the crown (the top of a masonry chimney) or holes in the chase cover (the top of a factory-built chimney) allows water to seep into unwanted areas.  Call a chimney sweep.  They'll know what to do!

8.  You hear an animal in your chimney.

Ok, so this one is misleading.  Most chimney sweeps do not maintain the license required to remove wildlife from a chimney.  However, many chimney sweeps keep a deep referral network and will know who to call if you find yourself in this predicament.


7.  You just had an animal removed from your chimney.

The first thing you'll want to handle after an animal has been removed is to seal up that entry point.  Many times all that is required is installing a chimney cap, other times, a more extensive repair will do the job.  Either way, a chimney sweep should be your first call to solve the problem.

6.  You don't have a chimney cap/spark arrestor on your chimney.

This one is kind of a big deal in a hot environment like ours.  Not only is it code to have one of these caps installed, but it is also a huge safety MUST.  Chimney caps (aka spark arrestors) help us all by keeping embers flying out of your chimney from catching anything on fire.  Since wildfires are a thing in Southern California, we take chimney caps very seriously.  A correctly fitting cap will not impede your chimney's draw (air flow), which is why it is important to have a certified chimney sweep install one so you get a cap appropriately sized for your chimney.

5.  You are selling your home.

We are getting the word out to real estate professionals that chimney inspections are an important part of buying a home, but you can save yourself some headache by hiring a chimney sweep before listing your home.  The certified chimney sweep will let you know if they see any defects in the chimney system and you can proactively handle it on your own time.


4.  You are buying a home.

Chimney inspections can reveal a lot.  There are certain types of chimneys in our area specifically that once damaged can not be repaired.  This means the only solution is to tear the entire chimney down and to build something else.  This might not be a big deal to some, but this tear down can be as much as $40,000.  Make sure to ask your real estate agent to get a chimney inspection before buying a home to avoid some very costly surprises.

3.  You have a clothes dryer.

Chimney sweeps often times sweep dryer vents too.  This one frequently gets over looked until the dryer doesn't work too well.  Your dryer will be a lot happier with regular vent clean-outs.  This is especially true for those people who have dryers that are in the middle of the house.  The longer the dryer vent, the harder your dryer has to work to push the air out.  So call a chimney sweep to keep your dryer working well.

2.  You have a funky smell in the area.

Chimney sweeps aren't afraid of the funky smell.  Who knows what might have caused it, but don't be embarrassed to give a chimney sweep a call if you have an unusual smell...and don't use your chimney until the sweep checks it.

1.  Chimney Sweeps are good luck!

I know, it might not actually be the number one reason to call a Chimney Sweep if you live in a hot environment, but it is true.  Chimney sweeps have a reputation for good luck.  So if you feel like you need a little luck, try hiring a chimney sweep.

Sweeps luck, everyone!  Until next time!

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